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the look of luxury with commercial level durability.

Most people understand the advantages of steel siding but they do not like the cold commercial look. PermaGuard captures the authentic look of real wood siding while maintaining the durability of steel.

an upgraded appearance



Only 3 types of exteriors are used on commercial buildings, rock, glass, and steel. Why? Because these are the only exteriors that are durable enough to withstand the elements without regular & ongoing maintenance. Steel is becoming the exterior of choice due to its appearance, durability & low maintenance.

Commercial level durability

Real wood siding panels look great, but the downside is they will weather, mold, & decay with time. The solution to this problem is regular painting & staining which can become time consuming & expensive. PermaGuard does not require any painting or staining, ever.

No painting or staining

The PermaGuard Design

The Look of Board & BattEN

The Look of t-111 Wood

The Board & Batten Panel has the appearance and the feel of the traditional Board & Batten siding. Board & Batten is making a huge comeback in both traditional and contemporary architecture and is once again becoming highly sought after in residential construction. The Battens are on an 8” spacing and the panel coverage width is 32”. The panel lengths can be customized to whatever the ideal length you need.

The Traditional Panel has the appearance of the T-111 siding panels that has been used in construction for years.  The grooves are on a 4” spacing and the coverage width is 36”. The panel lengths can be customized to whatever length you need.

the challenges of repairing siding?


no more stain matching

Let’s face it, siding panels will get damaged and they need to be repaired. Replacing a piece of wood siding can be a nightmare and getting the touch up paint or stain to match the original color can be tedious, frustrating, or in some cases; impossible. With PermaGuard, replacing a damaged piece is a snap, and it matches every time.  

What is the permaguard paint system?

The key to both the classic wood look and the durability that sets PermaGuard apart from nominal Metal Siding is the paint system. This paint system gives you both that real wood appearance, and the best chalk and fade performance in the industry.

Available Finishes

A primer coating is applied to the back side of the panel to protect the back side of the panel from corrosion.


The base metal is a heavy duty 28 guage metal that is .0167” thick. This thicker, heavier guage metal helps to hide the imperfections in the panel.

2. Base metal

An AZ55 Galvalume coating provides heavy duty corrosion resistance and adhesion to the base metal

3. Galvalume Base Coat

The primer coat provides additional corrosion resistance and provides the ideal adhesive surface for the Kynar 500 coating.

4. Primer Coating

The Kynar 500 coating is the main coating on the panel. For 50 years, Kynar 500 has provided the best resistance to chalking and fading in the industry.

5. Kynar 500

The print layer creates the various print patterns that give the panels their textured appearance.

6. Print Layer

The final layer is a clear coat which makes the panel very resistance to scuffs and scratches, making it tough, and user friendly during installation.

7. Clear Coat